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Teaching Method of the School


All the Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore teachers have university degrees in languages, either a master degree or a doctor's degree. Besides that, all the teachers are selected on personal traits. We emphasise and encourage openness, commitment and friendliness. All the teachers will be committed to you. Not because they have to, but because they want to. They are always receptive and available to your questions, remarks and needs.

The Staff and Italian teachers of Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore in Genova

All teachers of Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore are looking forward to your arrival!

The school is located right in the city centre of Genova, the largest medieval city centre in Europe. Nice shops, bars to drink a coffee or buy a newspaper are all located in the nearness of the school. Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore also provides you with a student room, where PC's and WiFi are available for free, as are available books, magazines, beverages and snacks. The student room is perfect to relax and mingle with your fellow students in a nice and cosy atmosphere!


The method of Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore is based on the 'communicative method', which easily enables you to develop expressive skills along with written communication, and 'edutainment' (education + entertainment), which enables you to learn in a short-time with fun.

Our method of teaching is designed to enable quality, flexibility, interaction and customisation.

Before attending the school we assess your personal interests and gain a first indication of your level. On arrival we estimate your knowledge adequately with an entrance test. During the course, once every two weeks, we monitor your progress and offer you, personalised homework assignments.

Italian course overview and progress according to the language structure 'European Framework'

Furthermore, our teaching materials enable and stimulate interactivity, both among the students and with the teachers. Our enthusiastic team of qualified native Italian-speaking teachers focus on personal participation and continuous interaction among the students, concentrating on the four language skills: speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing. Along with up-dated traditional learning materials, games, quizzes, riddles and much more will make studying Italian at Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore a real pleasure.

Interested in our method? You can download a sample lesson! If you desire an information brochure, you can download our .pdf folder.

Scuola Tricolore - Centro Studi Italiani
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Come to Genoa and study Italian with us!

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