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How To Book an Italian Course?


Booking a course is very simple! It consists of a few steps.

The starting point is to determine your preferences. What is your preferred course type? When would you like to study and for what duration? And what accommodation suits you best? Are you also interested in additional courses and leisure activities? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can make a reservation in two different ways.

  • Firstly, you can go to the right top navigation bar, to create your course. Choose your course type, duration and starting date. When you submit your input, the database will display your course. Here you can also fill in a discount code if one is assigned to you. Below your selected and displayed course you will find additional questions about your preferred accommodation, personal information, leisure interests and so on. At the bottom of the form you can decide to book your course by pressing 'book course'. The information will be sent to your e-mail containing further instructions.

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  • The second option to book a course that is at your disposal, is to download our enrolment form which is displayed on the bottom of this page. You can fill in the form and send it to us by email or by fax. All necessary information is included in this form. After receiving your enrolment, you will be contacted for confirmation and provided further instructions. If you are interested to enrol for the CILS exam, you need to download the following module.

After receiving your enrolment to one of the Italian courses, we will immediately start looking for appropriate accommodation if desired, based on your interests and preferences. However, we will only finalise your course and accommodation from the moment we have received your deposit of €200,-. You will have several payment methods at your disposal, all listed in the confirmation/ enrolment form. In case you are required to apply for a student or tourist visa, Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore requires full course payment in advance, after which we will send you all necessary documents for the application and we will supply you with directions to reach either school and accommodation, particularities and any other information that is of interest to you.

On arrival in Genoa, normally your accommodation is reserved from the Sunday before course commencement until the Saturday after the course. If you desire an anticipated or additional day, you are urged to contact the school for availability. The first day we will ask you to come to the school 45 minutes before course start for your language assessment, after which your classes commence.

In case you make a down payment you will have to pay the residual course fee and the accommodation upon arrival.

Modules in English
  • Booking and Enrolment Form
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Enrolment Form Cils Exam
  • Price list
  • Brochure 
  • Procedure Study Visa

  • Modules available in Italian
  • Modulo d'iscrizione
  • Termini e condizioni
  • Modulo d'iscrizione esame CILS
  • Listino prezzi
  • Brochure 
  • Procedura visto di studio

  • Available modules in German
  • Kurs-Anmeldeformular
  • Vertragsbedingungen
  • Anmeldeformular CILS
  • Preisliste
  • Broschüre

    Modules available in Spanish
  • Impreso de matrícula
  • Términos y condiciones
  • Impreso de matrícula CILS (IT)
  • Lista de precios
  • Folleto
  • Procedimiento Visado de estudiante

  • Modules available in French
  • Formulaire de réservation et d’inscription 
  • Règles et Conditions
  • Formulaire de réservation CILS (IT)
  • Liste de prix
  • --
  • Procédure visa d'études

  • Modules available in Dutch
  • Inschrijfformulier 
  • Voorwaarden
  • Inschrijfformulier CILS Examen (EN)
  • Prijslijst
  • -- 

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