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The Italian Language School in Genoa


Porta Soprana in Genoa: gate of the ancient walls of GenoaWelcome to the website of Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore! An Italian Language school in Genoa that offers Italian language courses to foreigners. This year "Scuola Tricolore" merged with "Centro Studi Italiani", an Italian language school that has its headquarter in Urbania (Marche) and another branch in Milan (Lombardia).Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore is situated in Genoa in Italy. A beautiful city located in a beautiful area (Liguria), often referred to as the 'flower Riviera'. Thanks to our personal experience as a student and as a teacher in different language schools in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, we gained a profound knowledge about the whereabouts of language teaching and language schools.

Often discovering something was missing or undervalued: Fun and pleasure! In several cases, in fact, language schools focused mainly on teaching and on leisure to a much lesser extent.

Especially in language learning, from our experience, we saw personal improvements when, along with traditional learning, students had fun. Fun and pleasure, not just in going out, but also linked to our classes: games, quizzes, role-plays, intercultural exchange and humour. It is our conviction, that fun and pleasure, are strongly connected with personal learning experience, without neglecting the "serious" traits that studying a language implies. This is also the concept of Edutainment or education combined with entertainment.

Scuola Tricolore only employs highly professional teachers that love to teach, like to laugh and have an open horizon!

Boccadasse - fishing village renowned in Genoa As a location we chose Genoa: it has a mild climate, thanks to its location on the coast. Genova has all the facilities and services of a city, but still has the traits of a village. Its close proximity to France, the Alps and to cultural centres such as Florence, Milan and Pisa add to Genoa a great appeal as a place to visit. Genova has a rich cultural history and boasts having the biggest medieval city centre in Europe, recently included in the Unesco list of protected heritage. By European standards the cost of living in Genoa is affordable and provides great value.

At Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore we understand that students do not only come to Italy to study Italian and learn about Italian culture, but they also come to relax, mingle, eat, drink and laugh. Thus, Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore is about studying Italian with lots of fun and interaction in a beautiful area of Italy. Click on the hyperlink if you would like to read more about Genoa, its history, food or local customs, or if you desire more information about the region Liguria.

Handout language certificats for some students at the end of their Italian language course in Genoa Since Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore recognises that everybody learns in a different way, has different needs, interests and different backgrounds, we created a flexible system to perceive individual progress and subsequently customise teaching materials in order to strengthen certain areas that need extra attention. Do you want to know more about our teaching method? Or maybe you would like read more about what we mean by personalised Italian courses.


Scuola Tricolore is also a training centre for the 'University of Genova'. Students participating in the Master of Italian Didactics for Foreigners, sometimes attend their training at our school. The language programs of Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore have been accredited by 'Universidad de las Américas' in Mexico. Students receive 7 credits for each (4 weeks) language course they take.

The courses of Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore have also been recognised/ accredited by Bildungsurlaub Hamburg, Berlin, Schleswig-Holstein, Brandenburg and by the Swedish CSN.


The mission of Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore is to honourably serve anyone interested in learning Italian in Italy by providing superior quality in teaching and an unforgettable experience at a fair price. We have an uncompromising Commitment to Customer Satisfaction.


The school has a dream in which anyone attending our school exceeds their expectations. Achieve a complete comprehension not just of Italian, Italy and Italian customs, habits and history but also about other cultures. To expand and broaden your horizon, by stimulating your senses, by fun and joy.

If you want to know more, you can download our .pdf folder here. If you are interested to read the evaluations of students, please click here..

Scuola Tricolore - Centro Studi Italiani
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Come to Genoa and study Italian with us!

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